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Custom work

It's always a pleasure to work directly and intimately with clients to design and refine the perfect piece. Drop us a line if you have something in mind, and we'd be happy to discuss.

Repurposing family diamonds-

This project involved taking apart a ring that had diamonds passed down through two generations, that have been reset already. We then worked with the client to come up with a design that would reflect her aesthetic and be durable and practical for a new mother who wished to wear her grandmother's diamonds every day...

Ring for take apartRing being taken apart

Diamond waiting to be setFinished diamond set

Wedding rings

Made from Palladium, per the client's specifications and given a subtle texture and finish that should withstand the rigors of their active lifestyles, these simple, modern bands will withstand trends, fads and whatever daily life throws at them.

Palladium wedding bands

Mother's jewelry

I love working with expectant, new or long-time mums to find a piece that embodies the connection they have with their child(ren). Many of my existing designs are easily modified to reflect the number of children, or their birthstones, for instance...but we can also start from scratch too!

Pendant designed to represent two special daughters- fiercely individual but together, they make the family whole. Flush set birthstones, with birthdates engraved on the reverse.

Oval pebble flush set pendant

Arc necklace with peridot and pink tourmaline, to reflect grandchildren's birthstones.

Arc necklace with pink tourmaline, peridot

Aurora necklace with 4 dots to represent 4 children.

Aurora necklace custom dots

Something a little different

A set of three similar rustic but intentionally not matching coordinate necklaces with deep meaning for the recipients.

Coordinate necklaces