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Jewelry care and storage tips

Each piece of Shepherd's Run Jewelry is made to be worn often and loved for a long time. Silver and gold fill jewelry may tarnish but a few simple maintenance tricks will keep your pieces in good shape for years to come-

- When not wearing your piece, be sure to store it in a dry environment, away from chemicals, cleaners and perfumes. Keep necklaces and earrings with dangles separated to ensure they don't tangle or snag. Store earrings in pairs, attached with their butterfly clutches to make sure they stay together. (Speaking from a lot of personal experience. Just sayin').

- Please don't wear your jewelry while showering swimming- scented body products and chlorine are not friends to jewelry.

- Use a dry soft brush to gently brush away any build up of dirt on the back or front of your piece. You can then use water and either a gentle soap or non-abrasive toothpaste to further clean your piece if needed. Use a soft, dry cloth to remove all water once cleaned. A polishing cloth can be used to restore shine if desired. Please don't use a polishing cloth on any oxidized pieces as it will remove the patina.

- If you choose to use any sort of dip to clean your piece, *please* ensure the cleaner says it is pearl and stone safe.

- Need to get your Shepherd's Run piece repaired or altered? Happy to help- just send me a photo and brief description and I'll get back to you with next steps.